With a world on pause, reflections on who and what is really important to life remains at the forefront of our minds.

Memories of "before" carry a different meaning than they did. The little things: the hug from a friend, late nights on a basketball court, locker room karaoke.

Now there is a longing for normalcy, sadness over canceled or postponed opportunities, anxiety over the unknown.

Things that were thought to be guaranteed were taken away.

But we're learning.

We're learning who we are, why we do what we do and why these things are important

The memories we have of the little moments, the quiet moments, the loud moments, the previously forgettable moments are what we hold close,

Until we return.

This surely won't be the last season,

but it will be the last season that we take for granted.

If basketball has taught me anything, it is the value of grit. No matter how hard practices and workouts can get, the end result -- the winning, the self betterment, and the satisfaction -- are what drive me to come to the gym every day and give it my all. It will never be easy, but as our trainer always says, winning a state championship isn't meant to be easy either.
everly kessler #20

Basketball to me is not only a game, but a way of life.

Over the years, I've spent hours upon hours trying to perfect my craft. It's always fun and it has taken a lot of hard work to be in the position I am today but it's all worth it. I wouldn't be the player I am today without my teammates, coaches, and parents.

To my teammates, thank you for being my best friends. Having to go to practice everyday is easier knowing I'll have you guys there with me, and because of you guys. Ive made countless memories that will forever be engraved in my mind. Thank you for being the reason I have such a strong love for the game.

To my coaches, thank you for always pushing me to new limits and for making me become not only a better basketball player, but a better person. Your patience with me is greatly appreciated and I don't know what I would do without all of you.

And lastly to my parents, your guys' unconditional love and support is what has kept me going all of these years. You guys understand more than anyone how tiring this basketball process can be, especially with recruiting, and you both have been by my side encouraging and guiding me through it since the beginning. I couldn't be more grateful for everything you've done for me and all that you've sacrificed in order for me to reach my dreams. I love you both so much and I thank you. Because of you, my dreams are now a reality

momo laclair #23 

You can’t take anything for granted in life, I think that’s what everyone is taking away from this hard time.
I’ve learned to trust my gut and not to force anything because what’s meant to be and what’s meant to happen will happen on its own. Looking back I wish I lived more in the moment, I worried too much about the future and didn’t focus on my life at that time.
andrea sumida #10

It's weird to be home alone after spending every day for the last 6 months at school and at practice. It makes me miss sports, but it also makes me appreciate all of the memories I got to make with my team. This team was the best team I have been a part of and I am so grateful that I got to spend everyday with them. We had so much fun together.
riley latray #14

Never take the small things for granted
macy durkin #30 
Being a female athlete in high school today can be hard. I've been a part of some very successful teams.
However, even with all of the statistics we produce, all of the titles we claim, the records we beat; we are never seen as accomplished as the boys teams in our school. We are talked about less; our games are far less attended. It's hard as an athlete to know you've put in just as much work, but in the end you don't receive the same.
riley latray #14

My experience as a female athlete is pretty good, only because I come from a high school that has always exceeded and had success in all sports. If I came from a school that didn't have much publicity, my experience as an athlete would be completely different.
I feel like in media, female athletes are treated differently than male athletes. We are seen as "boring" and "not fun to watch." The amount of times I've heard that from people is crazy.
paige keeler #12 

Dear Basketball,

You have made me the person that sits here writing this today. My journey to where I am now is one that has had its fair share of ups and downs but through each lesson you taught me, I grew as a person.

The second I picked up a basketball I felt special; you made me feel whole. I almost quit on you and myself when I was told I was too slow, too small, and too weak to play this game. I got in the gym and worked every second to prove the people who doubted me wrong.

This quarantine has allowed me to reflect on myself. It hurts not being able to step on a court other than concrete right now but I'm glad I had this wake-up call. Basketball is a game that has taught me never to quit. I've doubted myself but I never gave up.

So to basketball, through all the tears that I've cried because of you and all the laughs I've had; I'm ready to open up to you. I can't wait to play basketball again. I'm so lucky to get to have one more season before starting the next chapter of my basketball career. This one's not over yet, I'm still writing it. I can't wait to see where we go after this quarantine is over.

Thanks for everything,

hannah brooks #21  

To my teammates I would say thank you.
Thank you for being great people and making memories this season I'll never forget. And to the seniors especially, thank you for a great 3 seasons together. They have become some of my best friends and made me feel so included from the start. I can't thank them enough and I'm appreciative that I got the opportunity to play with them all.
kailey mckenna #24 

Once all of this unprecedented craziness comes to an end, I know that I will be forever changed.

Sooner or later, life will return to normal and I will want to remind my post-COVID self to be thankful and to seize every minute.

Here in quarantine, I've learned how important the little things are. I've realized how much lunch with friends, classroom interactions, and long nights of practice truly mean to me.

Knowing this I want to come out of quarantine with a renewed sense of purpose and motivation for life.

everly kessler #20