Seize the moment

a season with liverpool football

Carpe Diem was a phrase used as an inspirational message by Liverpool football coaches long before the pandemic. The message to “seize the day” during this unusual season was a constant reminder to give everything your all, but not even games were promised. 

Football was one of the sports that was postponed from the fall to spring. Coaches and captains set up fall and winter workouts to help keep the team motivated for whenever their season would come. All they could do was prepare and hope.

When the season was finally announced, it was that teams would play 5 games. No post-season, which in previous years would mean playing at the Carrier Dome. Only 2 fans per player were allowed, which means that crowds were mostly parent fans, with a few students able to support their friends. 

In a season filled with challenges, a 10-day Covid shutdown, a hard-fought game against a rival school, and playing football in the ever changing weather of an east coast spring, there was a season. And in that case, it was a dream come true. 

I think it was important to play the game with [all] the uncertainty because the love of the game makes us stronger

Sincere Williams #40; junior

Our preseason training is what made us a successful team. We worked hard every week in the weight room. It was more than just strength and conditioning, we built a brotherhood. We came to work out every day with the mentality that there will be a football season.

Hahmier Williams-Borges; Senior #28

The biggest challenge in my mind was the overall uncertainty of what was going to happen next. Every Wednesday with the Covid tests always brought some fear to all of us so trying to stay mentally focused in that aspect was a challenge.

Adrian Marzullo #80; Senior

No matter what, I just wanted to play football. Without football, I am nothing, it brings me peace and joy in so many ways. I have been giving my all to show coaches what I’m capable of.

Jeremiah Maeweather #5, senior

The biggest lesson I learned is that if you trust your brothers around you on the field, then you can accomplish anything.

Michael Nigro #32, senior

Being coached by my dad is an unforgettable experience. I’m going to remember every moment I had on the field for the rest of my life, from the very first game to the last game being coached by my father

Brendan Mancuso #6; senior

It was a great thing to see my son compete and lead the team. Brendan is going to Cortland College next year and wants to be a PE teacher and football coach. I think that says it all!

Dave Mancuso; head coach

The most fun moment is just all the little moments for me. Being able to connect with the players: asking them how their day was, what they learned in school or how work is. Sometimes I think we as coaches focus on the on the field aspect too much, it’s only a small portion of our kids day.

Dan Cosselman, linebackers coach 

For me this whole school year and pandemic has been really awful and I’m sure that’s true for a lot of kids but sports is something that can bring all of us joy. Even with the uncertainty and challenges at least we are all doing something we love. In a time with a lot of negativity, being able to play sports lifted all of our spirits.

Brayden McClain #2 Senior

The biggest lesson I learned is that you have to be ready for the unexpected. I thought everything was over when we had a positive [case]. It felt like everything was gonna crash and burn into flames, but we pulled ourselves together and managed to go 4-1 which is huge. 

Paul Tedesco #19, senior